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Senior Citizen Raided by Armed IRS and ATF

Senior Citizen Raided by Armed IRS and ATF

Great Falls, Montana.  Where will the next so called 'dangerous' person of interest be?  Seems Tom Van Hoose, the owner of a gun shop there must be one.  I mean, the .gov is always right, right?  I mean, science.

I shouldn't make light of this, as both the IRS and ATF have been watching this guy for a couple of years since he sells so many popular firearms.  Now, I thought one source said they confiscated all the 4473's which is supposedly not allowed, but here you go, think for yourself:

“At 7:30, I came in and they pulled in behind me with 20 heavily armed agents,” said Tom Van Hoose, the owner of Highwood Creek Outfitters.

Van Hoose says for two years his Highwood Creek Outfitters gun shop has been the subject of surveillance by state and federal agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, the State of Montana and now the Internal Revenue Service.

“The fact that they think we make so much money as a gun business that they had to come investigate all the thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars whatever it is we supposedly absconded with, anybody that knows the margins in the gun business knows they’re not that high,” said Van Hoose."

Great Falls gun shop re-opens after a visit from federal agents

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