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The Bidens and Ukraine

The Bidens and Ukraine

 Remember when the Democrats filed their first phony articles of Impeachment against President Trump?  They claimed that the President had blackmailed Ukraine to look into the Biden's'. There was a transcript read even.

The transcript did not at all prove any wrongdoing.  However, the treasonous Democrats kept trotting out witness after witness who 'testified" that they 'knew what the President meant to say'.  They cherry picked calls, conversations, texts, and even the Constitution to make their case.  And of course, the articles passed solely by the Democrats house without hardly any support from the Republicans.

It was during the end of Republic 2020 and no one paid attention to the video going around where former Vice-President Joe Biden was right there bragging about how he blackmailed the President of Ukraine to do something with a $1B carrot, shown below.  It was dismissed by the traitors as a conspiracy theory.

I kind of figured that President Biden secretly encouraged Putin to invade Ukraine to help wipe out the evidence before more of it came to light, as it now is.

"Prosecutors in Ukraine are investigating leaked tapes that allegedly feature the country's former leader Petro Poroshenko discussing conditions for a $1 billion loan with former US Vice President Joe Biden.

"He claimed that Biden promised Poroshenko $1 billion in loan guarantees in exchange for ousting the then Prosecutor General Victor Shokin, to prevent him from investigating the company.

"Shokin was eventually fired in March 2016."

Ukraine opens probe into leaked 'Biden-Poroshenko' tapes

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