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Another Crook Put in Office in Arizona

Another Crook Put in Office in Arizona

Good ole Arizona.  Just can't seem to shed that good old wild west feeling.  Don't get me wrong, it is good in a way, but when the outlaws start to run things and some of the citizenry starts to go along with it, that is wrong.

Arizona saw it take a week for the Democratic Secretary of State to 'count' the last (s)election results; result that made her Governor.  In fact, she made sure the top five offices went to Democrats as I watched the tallies as posted.  The Democrats always claim victory from convenient 'counts' of late ballots.  Problem is, she had some help from the cartels.  She laughed at the Constitution and she is flagrantly breaking state law with her 'method' of filling her top cabinet positions, without Senate approval.

So why should we be surprised that a convicted ballot harvester gets appointed to a Vice Mayor position?  Who of course, is also a Democrat.

"Convicted ballot harvester, Gloria Torres, has been appointed as the new Vice Mayor of San Luis, Arizona.

"Torres, who was appointed during the regular city council meeting on December 13, pleaded guilty to ballot abuse in June 2023. Torres and Nadia Guadalupe Lizarraga-Mayorquin a/k/a Nadia Buchanan were indicted in October 2022, on two Class 6 felonies of conspiracy and ballot abuse stemming from a two-year long investigation by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office with assistance from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office."
Now that she is Governor, Governor Hobbs has tried to pass legislation that would prohibit the following activity:


"The ballot harvesting activities were exposed by two Yuma County men, David Lara, and Gary Garcia Snyder, through hidden video surveillance outside a San Luis polling station in July 2020. Former San Luis mayor Guillermina Fuentes and local resident Alma Yadira Juarez were convicted in 2022 in part based on the video evidence."

Convicted Ballot Harvester Gloria Torres Named San Luis Vice-Mayor

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