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Their Hypocrisy Knows no Bounds, Part Two

Their Hypocrisy Knows no Bounds, Part Two

Oh my.  Remember when President Donald Trump went to a church in D.C. once?  It was in the midst of the summer of love, so you know, the protest was 'mostly peaceful'.  But man what a bunch of backlash.

There's even a Wikipedia article about it.  For kicks, look at a current web search about it.  Mostly bad press.  For a photo op mind you, just a photo op.

Now today or tomorrow, President Joe Biden is not going to church for a photo op, no way.  He's going to give a sermon.  I mean, when you're a senile old man that every ignores your senility because that's how they control you, why not let the poor old man give a sermon.  In fact, let's fawn over itAnything but Trump.

Biden to touch on voting rights in sermon celebrating MLK

I guess I have another article by this name here.

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