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The Controlyavirus Vaccine Mandate

The Controlyavirus Vaccine Mandate

I just do not learn.  This morning I had to watch a clip of last night's speech by President Biden about the Controlyavirus.  I've been trying not to start my days on a negative note.  Epic fail.

The President of the United States has decided to force his 'subjects' to get vaccinated.  I don't want to repeat what he said as it makes me want to shoot somebody, so I'll continue my comments after the article linked below.  At the very end is the text of the email I sent today to my representative, two senators and President Biden.

Biden announces COVID-19 vaccine mandates that will affect 100 million Americans

Let me preface to say the I do not deny this disease and extend my condolences to all who have lost loved ones to it.  I am not anti-vaccine, I am against mandates and in favor of personal choice.

Throughout the course of this disease that has had the .gov quarantine the healthy, close businesses, close churches, etc. folks have compared it to the Spanish flu as that was another time those measures where implemented.  What nobody seems to notice is that the Spanish flu infected about a third of the globe and killed around ten percent of those.  Several years before the Spanish flu, there was a smallpox outbreak in the north east part of the country.  Smallpox killed about thirty percent of those who caught it.  Cites, counties and states mandated quarantines and shutdowns then as well.  They also decided to mandate vaccination.  Not only mandate it, but there are reports of folks and police going around and forcing people to get vaccinated.

There was even a case that made it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. Last night President Biden claimed he had legal authority to enact a federal mandate requiring vaccination.  I wonder if he thinks that case was it.  Here's the deal, folks.  The controlyavirus has a mortality rate of about point two percent in the United States.  Less than one quarter of one percent.  Not five percent.  Not ten percent.  Not thirty percent.  Less than one quarter of one percent.  In my honest opinion, that low statistic does not now, nor ever did, warrant the type of response we have had to this disease.  And here's the rub that really chaps my hide, that one thing that will get you booted from most all social media these days and your comment(s) quickly deleted.

The other day, the Supreme Court stuck down the injunction against a law in Texas.  An abortion law.  Abortion.  That one big thing that everyone says, "My body, my choice!" about.  Abortion.  The decision you can make that has a one hundred percent mortality rate for one party.  Don't you dare try to save that little person from a one hundred percent mortality, damn it.  But here we have a disease that has a mortality rate of less than one quarter of one percent and choice goes out the damn window.  Choice about your job.  Your church.  Going out.  Gathering with friends.  Whether you wear a mask or not.  And now a vaccine.  Pardon my language, but what the fuck happened to my choice, my body now?

I'll leave you with some other various information about the vaccine I had gathered about while I was formulating this article.  Keep your powder dry and your cupboards stocked boys and girls.

Vaccine warning as Israel data shows Pfizer protection 'vanishes' against Delta strain

CDC releases study showing 3/4 Delta cases are among the vaccinated, says masks are the answer

COVID19 Vaccine Deaths & Risks

Email I sent:

"Please help me to understand something here.  There is a highly defended personal choice that folks make in this country that has a one hundred percent mortality rate.  The other day Texas passed a law that the Supreme Court failed to stop.  You rail against this court decision with the rally cry of "My body, my choice."

On the other hand we have a disease with a mortality rate of less than one quarter of one percent yet we are forcing people to do a whole lot of things in the name of not harming others.  Lock downs, closures, masks, closed churches and businesses, and now a vaccine that Israel is (honestly) reporting has a very low efficacy against this disease.  Get the vaccine or lose your job.  For a disease that has a mortality rate of less than one quarter of one percent, but in this case "My body, my choice" is off the plate, and Presidential Executive Orders are in place to eliminate any choice at all.

The Doctor who is supposedly the expert has been caught in so many lies that I bet former President Clinton is wondering why we keep Dr. Fauci around.


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