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Wolf Season?

Wolf Season?

This is a huge bone of contention here in the White Mountain area of eastern Arizona and western New Mexico.  The Mexican Gray Wolf.  Like other wolves, they were hunted out by ranchers and such.

So, as they've been doing all over other parts of the country, they have been re-introducing them into the wild.  Much to the chagrin of the local folks who live here.  In the local paper, the White Mountain Independent, any time there has been an article about the wolf in there, the comment section is filled with folks against the wolf who live in this area, and folks who are for the wolf being here, who live no where near here.  but that is how the environazis operate.  They get tons of money from folk who live in cities that have no real clue about the woods, except of course, to believe every word the organization that is asking them for money tells them about it.

Well, in Idaho many years ago, their wolf re-introduction program did so well, that Idaho Fish and Game took them off the endangered list and actually opened up hunts for them.  Maybe that will happen here now that they have record numbers of wolves out there.

Annual count shows Mexican wolf population reaches record numbers

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