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Would the FBI Lie?

Would the FBI Lie?

Just ask the widow of LaVoy Finicum, and look into the aftermath.  The FBI lied about firing weapons.  The FBI lied in the Randy Weaver case, the Branch Dividian case, both Bundy cases, need I go on?  So suffice it to say, yes.

Did you know you that if one of us lie to the FBI, it is a federal felony?  Look at Title 18 §1001(a)(2).  Now it doesn't say "felony" in that section, but it is common knowledge that a felony is considered anything where you spend more than one year locked up; county, state, or federal.  In fact, is there such a thing as a federal misdemeanor, a sentence less than a year?

In fact, I may have to watch myself in light of the FBI's recent more aggressive actions.

"Former senior advisor for research and statistics for the U.S. Department of Justice, John R Lott Jr., claims the FBI has misreported how many armed citizens have stopped active shooters.

"Lott had the task of evaluating the FBI’s active shooting reports. He found the bureau had missed and misidentified cases regarding armed citizens stopping active shooters, Lott reported. The former senior advisor claims the correct rate of armed citizens stopping active shooters is almost eight times higher than the FBI’s claim of 14 of 302 from 2014-2022. "

FBI Misleads Americans About How Often Armed Citizens Stop Active Shooters, Gun Violence Expert Claims

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