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Katie Hobbs' Press Secretary Also Promotes Violence

Katie Hobbs' Press Secretary Also Promotes Violence

In more news from the results of the 2022 Arizona selection, Governor Katie Hobbs' press secretary resigned two days after posting a tweet promoting violence against homophobes.

She posted it the same day a transgender girl walked into a Christian school in Nashville and killed three adults and three children.  This is our 'woke' generation at work.  Her and Jane Fonda's actions should be considered hate speech and they should be charged accordingly.

"Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs accepted her press secretary's resignation following a tweet that appeared to condone violence. 

Josselyn Berry tweeted a meme that showed a woman holding two guns. It was captioned, "Us when we see transphobes."

The tweet was published on the same day police said Audrey Hale, who police said was trans, shot and killed six people, including three children, at a school in Nashville, Tennessee. "

AZ Gov. Hobbs' press secretary resigns after tweet suggesting gun violence against 'transphobes'

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