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Is This The Mark?

Is This The Mark?

I don't think you even have had to go to church or anything to have heard of "The Mark of the Beast".  Iron Maiden did a song called "666".  It is said that without this mark on your hand or forehead you can't buy/sell.

And then the mark is the number of man, six hundred, sixty-six.  Honestly, I think the number is a metaphor and that is why folks get all hung up on the number.  I think it will be that time that you will not be able to participate economically with society unless you have this certain 'thing'.  With digital currency, online banking, etc., we're pretty much a cash-less society already.

"I care not who writes a nations' laws, as long as I control its money."

  • "Amazon is expanding its palm-scanning payment system, Amazon One, to all Whole Foods stores by the end of the year, starting with a location in Seattle. Customers can pay by waving their hand over a scanning device after connecting their palm to a stored credit card.
  • The technology has been successful in Amazon's cashierless Go stores and is now available in over 200 Whole Foods locations. It will be rolled out to all approximately 500 stores in the coming months.
  • Amazon has seen "growing demand" for its palm-scanning technology, with 3 million recorded uses of Amazon One."

Amazon rolling out pay-with-palm technology at all Whole Foods stores

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