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Meta Data

Recently I posted an article about Meta's (Facebook) "Threads", a version of Twitter since so many folks suddenly don't like the fact that Elon Musk wavered slightly from the Party's line.

This article here is a continuation of a 'series' on our data.  First was an article that explained at the root how all this tech works.  Next was about the Utah Data Center, a place where just about every bit that crosses the internet and elsewhere could potentially be stored as is the intent of the facility.  Now here we are with Meta and their gathering of your data as well.

  • "Meta's new social media platform Threads is collecting massive amounts of sensitive data on its 100 million users, posing a risk if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Threads accesses specific and intimate information about its users, such as their online shopping habits, exercise routines, and social media activity, which tech experts warn can be used to target individuals.
  • Similar to other social media platforms, Threads is known for its extensive data collection practices, including capturing information on user accounts, online behavior, and even credit card details."

Threads collects so much sensitive information it's a 'hacker's dream,' experts say

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