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More Christian Hate From The View

More Christian Hate From The View

I do not think I have ever watched an actual episode of The View.  I know it is on ABC and usually has a panel of female far left Socialist Progressive Democrats on it.  I recently wrote up Jane Fonda's comment.

You have to read that article.  Now they compare the Christian 'right' to the Taliban.  Can you imagine if any conservative did a like comparison?  There would be riots in the streets.

"Actress and guest co-host on “The View,” Patti LuPone, said she cannot tell the difference between the Taliban and the Christian right.

"LuPone was discussing her reaction to former President Donald Trump’s indictment, saying the 34 charges were “not enough” before saying Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan should get out of Manhattan. Co-host Ana Navarro then asked for Lupone’s reaction to Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis “and the LGBTQ.” "

‘The View’ Guest Host Says She Has No Idea The Difference Between ‘The Christian Right’ And The Taliban

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