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Kari Lake Not Giving Up

Kari Lake Not Giving Up

I get it.  The 2022 selection in Arizona was a joke.  It took a long long time to count less than 2 million votes.  And even longer to count Maricopa county.  The Democratic Secretary of State was running for Governor.

And she won.  In fact, I watched as the unofficial reports were coming in.  It seemed like it took long enough to make sure as many top position in State .gov were filled by Democrats as many seats showed a Republican lead at first.  The Governor elect then proceeded to want to hurry up and get sworn in before the actual inauguration.  She laughed through the first part.

However, Kari Lake just will not give up.  I think it is time we admit that there are no more elections, just selections.  The Republic has fallen.

Kari Lake wants an appellate court to consider new evidence, something they don’t do

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