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One 'Mystery' about Computers (and smartphones) Revealed

One 'Mystery' about Computers (and smartphones) Revealed

Some people may think I wear a tinfoil hat when reading this.  I am not saying any of my claims are being done.  I am only talking about what can be done.

Mankind has been making machines for thousands of years.  I started learning about electronics at a very early age, back in 1973.  Current either goes one way or another.  Watts equals volts times amps.  And much more, but that is my background for this article.

Every room you stand in has a light switch.  Basically, that is all a computer is.  Well, more like rooms and rooms filled with light switches wall to wall, floor to ceiling.  You have heard of binary code, that is it.  When you buy something online, many times there are 'buttons' to select whether to sign up, subscribe to their spam or not, etc. That, friends, is a light switch.  Binary is the basic machine code.  It is not a gender as far as I am concerned, but that is another story, hehe.

A very brief run down is thus.  Transistors make great switches among other things.  You may know that a microprocessor have millions of transistors on it.  Each switch is a "bit".  You've heard of bits.  Eight 'bits' make a byte.  And I'll stop right there, because the rest gets into software and real intent of this article is to open your eyes to possibilities.  Much of this is speculation.  So, when you select that 'bit', what happens?  Well, that tells the machine to make a choice.  The choice is always presented to you so you feel confident about what it does and where it will go.  But what if the bit controlled two decisions?   The one you know, and the other one.

The one you don't.

Before you say, take off the tinfoil hat, I am not saying that this happens.  I am only telling you the truth about what could happen.  Don't run off to watch the latest Alex Jones dribble, he is paid to distract you.  He will tell you a multitude of stories about exactly where that other decision leads, without any proof.  I will only have you asking.  I do not have the answers.  I have often thought, "Why all these updates, why fix something that isn't broke?" to myself, while the size of the operating system grows and grows and grows.  But we all know that many times our computer and smartphone will offer up ads for things similar to what we may have recently searched for or even maybe a picture of, or . . .

One other thing about smart phones and all cell phones.  They use radios.  Anything transmitted over a wireless connection can always be intercepted and therefore is not completely secure.  You can not activate nor use a cell phone that doesn't have GPS on any network since at least 2005 if not earlier.  You may have noticed that cell phones these days do not have removable batteries.  Removing the battery is the only way to ensure it is really off.  Recently, it went across the internet that FEMA was going to have a test of the Emergency Broadcast Network and many many 'Patriot' sites and channels proclaimed it was going to secretly give the .gov access all of your cell phone revealing your GPS location, browsing history, pictures, contacts, etc. so every single unknowing person thought that turning off their cell phone and/or putting it into a faraday cage or airplane mode would stop this from happening.  Really.  Google and Apple already collect this data, and as I explained above, how hard would it be to have all that data copied to say, the Utah data center?

I mean, we've all heard of the Utah Data center.  It is not a secret at all.  Why the hell would the United States Intelligence Community want to store all that data while encrypted?  I'm not trying to make anyone angry nor start an IT argument, I'm saying that these things are possible and nobody can argue with that.  In my honest opinion, the only thing more secure about Telegram or Signal is that it is not something John Q. Public can easily see, but the .gov?  It would be so, so easy right down there where the bytes hit the bits.

Again, I am not saying that any of this is happening, just that it easily could, so take that, know it, and act accordingly.  On the other hand, overreacting is non-productive as you can get so easily distracted going down this rabbit hole.  At the end of the day for us, patriots, if you do not want the .gov to be able to track you, ditch your cell phone(s), computer(s), credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, 401(k)'s, and don't drive a GM with Onstar (or most any car newer than 20 years old).  Easy right?  Otherwise, be like John Hancock and basically tell the .gov to go fuck themselves, or like we so often say about our arms, 'come and take it'.

Let this sink in.

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