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Student Loan Debt

Student Loan Debt

As we have seen, the socialists have been bribing students to vote for them with these promises of student loan debt forgiveness. These loans must be a lot easier to get than in 1979.  Very very telling.

Back then, heck an Associates Degree would usually open a lot of doors for you.  Now a days, it takes a Masters or higher almost.  Why?  Because of that old economic maxim of supply and demand.  Kids are told to go to college, that they won't 'make it' unless they do.  They are told that with a college degree, they can make a lot of money, almost as if by magic.  They're under the impression that there is a conveyor belt right from college to a corner office on the 65th floor.  And 'making it' means a McMansion.  Or two these days.

Student loans have become pretty damn easy too.  You just sign up once, then you can pretty much write your own checks all the way through college.  Why look at the fine print?  You'll automatically get a high paying job right after graduation and things will be just fine, right?  Problem is, every one has a damn degree now and an associates gets you team lead at McDonald's or Wendy's these days, not much more.  So now they're complaining because they didn't read the fine print themselves now that candidates want to buy their votes, well why not?

And of course, this President couldn't give a damn about the law or that pesky Supreme Court.

"President Joe Biden announced on Monday a new, sweeping student loan forgiveness plan, which could benefit tens of millions of Americans.

"The news comes less than a year after the Supreme Court rejected his first attempt to cancel up to $20,000 in student debt per borrower. The conservative justices ruled that that effort was unconstitutional in June."

Biden announces new student loan forgiveness plan affecting tens of millions of Americans

"While the Biden administration has already canceled almost $132 billion in student loan debt throughout its first term, the President has plans for further debt cancellation. However, debt cancellation does come at a price to taxpayers. If all student loan debt is forgiven, it would cost taxpayers an estimated $1.6 trillion."

How Much Would It Cost to Cancel Student Debt?

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