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Who is a Palestinian Refugee?

Who is a Palestinian Refugee?

With the conflict over Israel continuing, I have seen over and over again a lot of ignorance about the complexity of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  I have been deeply researching it for well over a decade now.

I must confess that looking back, my interest started when I was a pre-teen dreaming of maybe getting on the bicycle team for the 1976 Olympics as I watched the 1972 Olympics. Live.  From Munich.  That was the year that Black September, a terrorist organization kidnapped and then murdered eleven athletes from Israel.  Walter Cronkite brought that to all of our living rooms live as it happened.  There wasn't a lot of capability to spoof video then like there is today.  Well, there was, but it took a whole lot more effort and time.

After I visited in 2011, I decided to do the deep dive.  And boy, have I learned a lot!  Mainly, how much I didn't know.

Recently I wrote an article about the United Nations refugee organizations.  This video does more:

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