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Telling the Truth About Biden Dangerous

Telling the Truth About Biden Dangerous

 I've got to ask.  Am I the only one who sees how upside down Justice is in this country, and worse how little the democrats care about it? It is certainly not lost on the U.K.  But somehow, we just sit here and take it.

 We even let the House file articles of impeachment on then President Trump for things that clearly then former Vice-President and Presidential candidate Joe Biden clearly did.  But speaking about this fact made the Democrats close ranks and call it a conspiracy theory shouting conservatives down with this like a mantra.  We are not fooled.  But look.  Speaking about Biden's corruption in Ukraine is dangerous both in Ukraine and the U.S.

"BREAKING Watch the full interview with Andrii Derkach, the Ukrainian parliamentarian who exposed Biden’s family corruption in Ukraine and that have been targeted by both Ukraine and the USA as result.

"Democracy in the United States is not the power of the people, but the power of the Democratic Party, which allows Joe Biden to step by step withdraw his associates in Ukraine, dependent on him, from prosecution for corruption. Along with this, anyone who speaks out loud about international corruption and influence peddling by the Biden family is in danger of physical elimination."

Those who speak aloud about Biden’s corruption in Ukraine are in danger of physical elimination

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